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10 stylish things every guy needs in his closet!

10 stylish things every guy needs in his closet!

Over the years, we look and admire our style icon. We always try to compare ourselves with them and try to copy their style. We wear the same stylish outfits as them but still look nowhere good compared to them. Well, the truth is that it is little outfit details or particular pieces that you need to add to your same boring outfit to stand out from the crowd.

These are basics and foundation to any men’s wardrobe that make sure that they look good and put a little extra effort than other guys out there. We can bet that, if you read this full article and own at least 5-6 of these 10 stylish stuff then you’re going to be 70% more stylish and attractive than guys around you.

So let’s take a look at 10 stylish things every guy needs to own to look their best:

  1. Classy Watches:

Get yourself a watch is our top recommendation for you today. Every man needs to have a watch in his closet and his outfit. It doesn’t have to be crazily expensive, you should be simple and go basic if you’re going to buy your first watch.

Basic colors like Black, Navy blue, and brown color watches are what should be your priority as these watches work well with most of the outfits. Remember that it should not be about the brand it should be meant to make your outfit’s level elevate.

  1. Boots:

Boots are one of the strong style statement when it’s come to men’s footwear. We see a lot of guys wearing sneakers all the time. Sneakers are cool, everyone loves it but it’s the boots that you need to change up your footwear game and look different from the crowd.

Combat boots, Chelsea boots are the hottest trend and in fashion right now and there are many more different types that will make you look amazing. Besides standing out from other guys, Boots will also help you to appear a little longer in height. So short guys reading this should definitely give a shot at boots.

  1. Tailored Jeans:

We could have written jeans as our subheading but we tend to push for the word tailored because if your jeans are not tailored and don’t fit your right from the ankles then that Jeans is of no use and will never look good on you.

Tailored or altered jeans look much better than non-tailored or baggy jeans because it gives you the perfect look and perfect fit. It also helps you to show off your sneakers and a bit of your ankles. Some stores do the tailoring for free if you purchase the jeans from them.

  1. White Sneakers:

This point is for our sneaker-head readers, well boots may appear classy and can be good for a changeup, sneakers always rules the Men’s footwear closet. And white sneakers are often considered as star of the show when it comes to sneakers.

Winter, summers it doesn’t matter, white sneakers remain in fashion whole year round and you can pair it up with many outfits and look amazing. Wearing darker clothes and white sparkling sneakers gives a color contrast to the eyes which makes it look even more stylish.

  1. Perfect suit:

It’s classy, it’s elegant and we consider a 3-piece suit as the best outfit a man can ever wear. The key element of a perfect suit should be that it fits you perfectly and we recommend getting a suit stitched rather than wearing a readymade one.

Suits are versatile and can be switched up according to the occasion, you can wear at office board meetings and also at a cocktail party. Whenever in doubt to wear a fashionable formal piece then a Perfect fitting suit should be your go-to option.

  1. The sunglasses show:

Sunglasses are the summer essentials that every guy needs to carry in their backpack. But we know, these are crazy times when we all are stuck in the home and we can’t wear it that frequently but you need to have a good sunglasses pair in your closet.

Most of you all don’t know but wearing sunglasses makes your face more attractive because it makes your face look symmetrical in shape. And it of course protects your eyes from the harmful radiations of sunlight as well.

  1. Nice workout gear:

Research says that our desire counts only 40-50% to workout daily, the rest of the percentage matters on the additional factors like Gym’s vibe and our workout gear. Wearing baggy clothes or casual jeans and a t-shirt at the gym should not be your way.

You should always wear slick workout gear and it rapidly increases your confidence and motivation to work out and push yourself to do that one more set. Make sure you look good because you never know who you’re going to meet.

  1. Glasses:

We talked about sunglasses earlier in the article but glasses are what literally define sexiness and make you the attractive guy in the room. Glasses make you look smarter if you don’t even need them. It is a cool detail you can add to your outfit.

Glasses work the same thing as sunglasses do that is it makes your face look more symmetrical and sexy as well. Plus, you guys know that some girls usually fall for men who wear glasses as it adds that innocent factor into your look.

  1. Crisp White Tees:

White tees are by far the most versatile and stylish apparel you can wear in your closet. And we tend to stain our white tees a lot and it’s better to have almost 2-3 good white tees in your wardrobe. We recommend going for plain white tees without any graphics and logos.

White tees are very versatile like we can wear a white tee with normal jeans casually or throw a denim jacket over it and can complete the art of layering with a white tee. White is a very regular color and matches well with every outfit possible.

  1. Accessories:

Last but not the least, accessories are considered as icing on the cake for your outfit. You can wear any kind of accessories like watches, glasses or some bold and edgy accessories like Rings, Bracelets and necklaces. They all elevate the level of your outfit by 2 points.

It just spices up your outfit and instead of wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, throwing some accessories on a simple outfit can make that outfit more elegant and attractive. Accessories can also act as a conversation starter because people generally notice that tiny details in your outfit.

So these 10 stylish items on this list should pretty much elevate your style level and we highly recommend following at least 5-6 tips from the above list and you can see the change yourself quickly.

Wearing a casual and cool outfit is all when and good but if you try these 10 tips given by us then you’re bound to be stylish than before. People will notice that you’ve made efforts and they’ll think that, “Yes! This guy pays attention to the way he looks!!”

Photo by Mnz from Pexels

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7 grooming habits for young guys

by Savvy Turtle
7 grooming habits for young guys

7 grooming habits for young guys

“The sooner you start, the better your chances are in the game of grooming. You start taking care of your good grooming and your skin and your looks will thank you in years to come.” After all, who wants to wake up one day, look in the mirror and realize it’s too late.

Well, most of the time, everyone here on the internet and social media is talking about fashion outfits, High-quality luxurious brands, and hyper-beast clothes but less importance is given to personal grooming and taking care habits. So if you’re a young guy in your teens or no matter what age, wants to start taking care of your grooming today, you’re at the right place.

Starting off our Men’s Grooming section with 7 grooming habits for younger men, to start the process of achieving that perfect look:

  1. Taking awesome care of your skin:

You probably saw this coming and it will be one of the most essential grooming tips on this list. If you know that skincare is so important why have you not started implementing it? After all, it is the most visible part of your body.

People notice your skin and your face first when they look at you. And, what sets you truly apart from other guys in the future is how well you age. How well you deal with wrinkles, acne or other skin problems will define the perfect skincare for you.

  1. Clipping your nails:

You talk to someone, and there’s a great vibe going around and suddenly you look at their nails and they are all dirty, long, and gross and that is a big turnoff. Especially, in the case with girls as they take good care of their nails and expect the same from us guys.

Make sure to get into the habit of clipping your nails at least once a week with a nail cutter and not your mouth. Biting your nails is certainly not a good habit either. A bonus tip is to clean your toenails as well in case you’re wearing a pair of slippers of flip-flops.

  1. Maintain a fresh haircut:

We don’t mean that you should be visiting your barber every single week. What do we mean is that you should learn how to extend the life of every haircut. Just basic grooming hacks like shaving the back of your neck.

Another hack is to trim the hairline which joins your beard and haircut. Make sure it’s clean and tidy and not going here and there. A good trimmer, a shaving tool, and a hand mirror would be enough for you to maintain a nice, clean look every time.

  1. Trim your beard:

While we talked a bit about beard in the last point, let’s dive deeper into the beard game. The secret to having a cool beard is to style it and make it look like you didn’t style it all. Your beard should be a full-grown out like a man living in caves and neither a patchy baby face beard.

You should always look for a middlemost option like keeping a subtle beard look and for that make sure you trim your beard regularly. Just stand in front of the mirror and shave your cheek’s hairline and keep your beard neat and tidy.

  1. Eliminate the body odor:

Probably, the biggest confidence killer of them all is none other than, Body Odor. Guys in their teens sweat more than the average guy and if they do not take care of that, it can lead to pretty embarrassing moments.

It’s a perfect time to find your perfect scent. A scent that not only eliminates your body odor but at the same time gives you a long-lasting manly fragrance that girls crave for. There’s no secret that girls have more powerful smelling senses than us and it’s good to create a strong impression with your smell.

  1. Wear Sunscreen:

Make sure to apply sunscreen, if you’re a guy who spends most of your day out in broad sunlight. Those harmful UV rays are not going to spare your skin and make sure you’re ready to take it on by wearing protection like sunscreen.

Harmful sun rays can cause you various problems like sunburns and also skin cancer in the worst-case scenario, so it’s better to wear sunscreen to protect yourself and your skin will look much better in the coming years.

  1. Good Oral Care:

This one is absolutely no brainer. Every guy out there should take care of their oral hygiene one step above than the average guy. And, having good oral hygiene is not any sort of a challenging task after all.

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, using a good mouthwash, and carrying gums and mints are very basic routine habits to follow in our day to day life. Bad oral care can cause problems like, yellow teeth, bad breath, etc. and now you’ve read this tip we hope that it won’t happen with you.

So that’s how we summed up very basic 7 grooming habits guys need to follow in their teens or at a younger age as possible. You can have the best designer outfit at a party but if your grooming isn’t on the point you’ll certainly be not attractive anymore.

Imagine the scenario:

  1. A guy with a three-piece suit and having a bad body odor with food stuck in his teeth.
  2. A guy with casual jeans and a t-shirt, who smells awesome and rock a wonderful smile.

You already know that the second guy will be more attractive when comparing and such is the importance of good grooming in Men’s life.

Photo by Nick Demou from Pexels

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Pizza Slayer

Pizza Slayer

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10 Mens Styles Mistakes you shouldnt make

10 Mens Styles Mistakes you shouldnt make:

Fashion and style in Men’s have come a long way in 2020 but We don’t get it that why guys living in 2020 still style their outfit and appearance like they are living in the ’70s or ’80s. Fashion is very revolutionary and it keeps on changing from time to time. We have to keep you up to date with our fashion articles but you have to not commit the fashion blunders.

In most of Men’s fashion blogs, everyone talks about hot trends, latest fashion ideas that are raging all over the Internet and social media but today we’re here to help you guys so that you do not commit basic fashion mistakes that can hamper your fashion sense image to the world.

If you get these basic fashion mistakes out of your way, chances are you would be 70% more fashionable than other guys who keep on committing these mistakes every day.

So buckle up, today we’re presenting 10 fashion mistakes that guys should avoid at all cost:

  1. Wearing wrinkled clothes:

We’ve seen so many guys wearing wrinkled clothes in public and that doesn’t look good at all. If you’re wearing a plain buttoned-up shirt and that shirt has wrinkles all over it, then dude, your fashion sense will be doubted by everyone.

These wrinkled clothes look very unattractive instead you should spend 5 minutes and Iron your clothes to get out the wrinkles. Okay, you are in a hurry some days, when you have snoozed the alarm for an extra 15 minutes of sleep, so try blow-drying your shirt for 2 minutes and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Wearing Jeans that covers your shoes:

Dude, you’re spending some heavy bucks on that lit sneakers and if you hide them with your sloppy long jeans then you know that you’re doing something wrong. Don’t let your jeans fold over your footwear like you’re wearing your dad’s clothes.

Instead, we recommend getting it tailored or altered around your ankles. Your ankles should be a bit visible. Or, you can cuff the bottom of your jeans in just a few minutes that can enhance your look instantly. Cuffing is still better than wearing baggy jeans.

  1. Wearing a backward hat:

We don’t understand why guys wear a backward hat on occasions like dates, get together, functions, etc. Wearing a hat is cool but it should be worn only on specific occasions like when working out in the gym or attending a baseball game.

You are restricting your potential by wearing a hat as you can look 10 times more attractive with a cool hairstyle. Wearing a hat wouldn’t let you explore your hairstyle to everyone. Wearing a hat once in a while is okay but we recommend not overdo it. (Backwards hat is a big no-no).

  1. Not trying new accessories:

We would always tell, every reader of ours, to always wear an accessory while rocking up to your fashion game. Just throw a watch to your wrist, and that’s an amazing start. The problem is that lot of guys are afraid of trying anything new.

But that’s what fashion is all about my friend. If you won’t experiment with your fashion now, then you wouldn’t completely know what is good for you and what is not. Try some rings, bracelets, or lockets that add tiny details to your outfit. Breakout of your comfort zone.

  1. Forgetting to wear a belt:

The most annoying thing on this list, Imagine this. leaving your house, walking into a party and suddenly your pants just start slipping down your waist and you’re like damn!! Yes, we can understand that feeling, we’ve all been through it.

You forgot your belt and now you have to pull up your bottoms every now and then. Your behind is looking a bit breezy and when you bend down, everyone can see what brand of underwear you’re wearing. Very embarrassing. Please never leave your house without a belt guys.

  1. Hairy back of your neck:

Now, onto one of the biggest grooming mistakes men make and that is leaving your back of the neck hairy and ungroomed. If your neck hair is connecting to your hairstyle and down to the hair in your back and that is very awful looking.

Guys, get it to sort every time you have a haircut, or just tell someone else to shave it off for you to avoid the connection of ever-growing hairline. You can use a hand mirror and try shaving it off by yourself.

  1. Only wearing sneakers:

Now, this mistake would not be welcomed by our young sneakerhead readers but guys, sneakers are not the only footwear type that exists in the world!! Guys wearing sneakers everywhere they are going throughout their day.

You have to change it up, there are so many more men’s footwear options out there. Try wearing a good pair of Chelsea boots or something like a pointed loafer. In this way, you’ll have more variety in your footwear collection so that you can wear it according to the occasion.

  1. Bad Personal care:

You can have the best pair of an outfit, with some coolest accessories and vibrant and exciting pair of footwear but still won’t look good if your hygiene is not together. If you have a stinking body odor, messy hair, and a face full of acne and dullness, your sexiness will be down there in the earth’s crust.

You should take care of yourself first before taking your outfits and fashion game seriously. The fashion hack is that, if you have good personal care then you’ll automatically look good in whatever outfit you try to pull off.

  1. Not wearing cologne:

When you’ll wear cologne for the first time, you’ll be like why didn’t you start to wear cologne way sooner. Just don’t overdo it and we recommend starting small by wearing cologne as you’re putting directly onto your body.

Cologne will give you the freshness and a great smell that will set the vibe around you, people will want to be more and more around you and that will act as an instant confidence booster for you.

  1. Not everything expensive matters:

This mistake is the last in the list but is becoming more and more popular in guys and that is wearing high-end luxury brands every time and thinking that this will always make them look good. That my friends are simply not true.

Just because you’re wearing labels, just because you paid a lot of money on that t-shirt doesn’t mean that it’s well constructed. You can take a case by yourself. Would you spend your money in a $200 branded t-shirt that doesn’t fit you well or would you spend just $50 bucks on a t-shirt that completely hugs your body and is perfect for you?

Remember guys, do not forget your financial literacy just to make your fashion literacy look cool.

With this, we conclude our 10 fashion mistakes that guys commit regularly. Well there are tons of other mistakes committed but we felt that these 10 should definitely make the list and our readers will not make these 10 mistakes again.

Remember that we learn always from our mistakes but we want you guys to not go through the same mistakes which other guys commit. These 10 points sum up that what was killing your style game and now you know these, don’t ever repeat these mistakes!!

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

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Pizza Slayer

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Top Five Fall winter Street Style Trends to Shop Now

Top Five Fall/Winter Street Style Trends to Shop Now:

The year 2018 is about to end and after the most recent New York Fashion Week, our minds are already full of plenty of innovative and sensational ideas to upgrade our street style wardrobes. The prevalent street style trends this year had been much flashy and head-turning, and they do not seem to fade away in the coming days too. Here we share some of the most rocking and must-have street style trends for the coming year.

  1. Leopard and Cheetah Prints:

The retro wildlife prints are back in a big way and more than expected they have exploded the stores right now. Not just wild cats’ printing, you can find the dazzling snakeskin and zebra prints in the form of tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories too. Styling the stunning snakeskin printed biker jacket, cheetah-printed tights or faux fur Leopard clutch with your regular outfit can give a dramatic twist to your overall look.

  1. Neon Colors:

The eye-catching Neon is the hottest trend that had been spotted on the top celebrities in the street style lately. The flashy and fluorescent hues are amazingly styled by the sensational celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. The recent collection of Prada has approved it to be the fashion trend that will remain prevalent in the upcoming year too.

  1. Cowboy Boots:

Winter is all about boots and this year, jazz it all up with the head-turning cowboy boots with your regular street style outfits. Although they don’t prove to be as super-comfy as sneakers, they surely add oomph to your boring winter attires. The color options and styling ideas are endless with these gorgeous pointed toed and high heeled boots.

  1. Boiler Suits:

If you are not interested in wearing the traditional dress codes and styles someday, just grab the boiler suits as they are the up and coming rising trend of the season. As seen on the runways worn by the stunning models such as Gigi Hadid and Selena Forest, these badass, one-piece outfits have the most subtle balance of masculinity and femininity.

  1. Retro-inspired Sneakers:

Sneakers do not have to be plain and boring this year! There are endless options of colors and styles for sneakers in recent fashion updates. You can opt the ones from the retro inspiration of ‘dad sneakers’, blooming pastels, or the reboot of vintage styled gum sole sneakers.

Photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels

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Stay patient and trust your journey

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Top Most Gorgeous Holiday Fashion and Outfit Ideas

Top Most Gorgeous Holiday Fashion and Outfit Ideas:

Happy holidays are just around the corner and it is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with the fresh outfits, dresses, and accessories that are not only stunning but also trendy. From the fabulous Christmas parties to fun-filled New Year Eve’s night outs, leisure beach days or all-night dance parties, the most exciting holidays are upon us and getting ready with just the right kind of outfits and fashion ideas according to every occasion seems to be a bit tricky indeed. Keeping up the style game with the winter attires is also difficult because your regular wardrobe doesn’t seem to fit in the festive season. Here we share all the hot and happening outfit ideas which are not only fashion-forward but also reflect the essence of the festivity.

Christmas Outfit Ideas:

If you are not sure what to wear on this wonderful holiday than it can be a troublesome time because there are many important official parties and festive gatherings taking place these days. In order to nail the perfect look this Christmas, you must look for the outfits and dresses which are trendy but depict the subtle glitz and glam of the festive days. The traditional Christmas color; red is the ideal option for the dress or top, but you can also opt to wear a shimmering gold and accessorize it properly. You must make sure that your party outfit is not just elegant but comfortable too so that you have stylish yet enjoyable eve.

New Year Party Outfit Ideas:

New Year is the time to step out of the house and fully indulge in the celebrations. Forget about the regular and boring attires and select some twinkling and sparkling sequined embellished dress. The glamorous outfit style can make you stand out of the crowd effortlessly and if you are looking for a more elevated look just opt for the dark-colored velvet gown. Don’t forget to add statement earrings, a gorgeous pendant, a stylish clutch, and stunning stilettos to complete your look.

Holidays at Beach:

If you have plans for spending these holidays near the ocean then you must own a number of chic beach outfits and bathing suits. The best way to rock the beachside fun parties is to wear a well fitted, trendy, and cute bikini and get something fashionable to throw over it. A vibrant and silky beach dress, kimono, scarf, or just a sheer wrap dress can make you instantly ready to move and groove at the beach-side musical event.

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How to Dress for Your Body Shape?

by Savvy Turtle
How to Dress for Your Body Shape?

How to Dress for Your Body Shape?

Everyone eventually learns what looks good on them and which cuts and silhouettes they better steer clear from – but this happens through a lot of trial and error. Right now, the fashion world is immensely dynamic and changing rapidly. Trends we thought would never see the daylight again are crazy popular out in the streets and fashion runways. It’s time you learn how to dress for your body shape in an organized clearer manner. Because trust us nothing is worse than seeing a cute dress on a store’s window or a website thinking of a million ways to style it and then the dress sits like a jute sack on your figure.

Broadly speaking – there are four basic silhouettes and while beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, what looks killer on an hourglass figure would fall totally flat on a carrot-shaped body. It’s pertinent to educate yourself on the basics of body shapes and what flatters each figure the most. This kind of styling intelligence would come handy next time you go shopping for new clothes.

Let’s dig into this handy little guide on how to dress for your body shape, shall we?

Styling Tips for an Apple Shaped Body

If you have rounded shoulders and a heavier mid-riff with lean long legs, you have an apple-shaped figure. People with this silhouette tend to look rounder and heavier than they are if not dressed properly because the upper rounder body makes the entire figure look heavier. You need to style in a way that emphasizes your lean legs and don cuts and covers that flatter the heavy mid-riff.

When it comes to picking dresses for an apple-shaped body, figure-hugging silhouettes are a serious no. you wouldn’t want anything that displays every bulge and flab you’ve got going, right? So, look for relaxed fit dresses that would sit loosely on you like a shift dress. If you want a defined silhouette, an empire or A-line cut would be really flattering on you. For accessories, a belt could be your best friend, but we are not talking about the 90s chunky bulky belts. We are talking slim gold accent belts that you can use to mimic an empire waist on a shift dress to create a slimming effect.

What sort of jeans is best for an apple-shaped figure? Well, let’ see. You basically are blessed with the ability to wear any and everything you wish to wear really, just not the low-rise jeans or trousers. Skinnies and slim-fit jeans are the best way to highlight your slender legs and to give an illusion of longer legs. Pick a ruffled asymmetrical top with that to camouflage your problem areas. Chiffon or crepe blouses would really flatter you so snag a couple of those for your wardrobe.

Talking about how to layer clothes for an apple-shaped figure, anything that’s not too long and end just below your waist is a good idea. Customized blazers and jackets would, of course, look good, just don’t get anything too loose because it would just add on more pounds to you.

Styling Tips for a Pear-Shaped Body

Just like the fruit – an apple-shaped figure would have slender top and fuller rear. This means you’re more likely to have narrow shoulders, bust and waist, and then well-endowed hips and thighs. This is one of the most common body shapes women generally tend to have and when styling for a pear-shaped figure your focus should be on picking co-ords or two pieces that bring balance and proportion back to your silhouette.

With pear-shaped body, if you strike the right balance with your outfits you can create an illusion of having an hourglass figure and that’s all the rage these days. Wrap dresses, princess cuts, or even bandage dresses are your best friends. Since you’d have narrow shoulders and possibly lean arms, you could have a lot of fun with necklines when picking dresses. You can pull off both sweetheart or boat-line styles given you pick the right undergarments. A belt or snitched waist or even a little bit of boning in your dress would really bring out the slenderness of your waist and that would be the perfect way to balance a heavier rear. Don’t forget to factor in your thunder thighs when deciding the length of your dress, mid to knee-length dresses usually works great.

Straight cut trousers or boyfriend jeans work well for pear-shaped figures, we would stay away from the skinnies though. Also, the flared pants are really trending these days and they look gorgeous on pear-shaped silhouettes. Tube tops, bandeau, tank tops, crop tops – have fun taking your pick with jeans. You have gorgeous narrow shoulders, flaunt them in off-shoulder tops.

For layering an outfit on a pear-shaped body, kimono styled jackets work well or anything that ends above your waits would add an edge and definition to your look without making you appear boxy or chunky.

Styling Tips for a Carrot Shaped Body

An inverted triangle silhouette or a carrot-shaped body is an exact opposite of a pear-shaped figure. You’d have wider shoulders and bust that would eventually narrow down to a slim frame middle and bottom. Halter necks, spaghetti straps, one-shoulder sleeves – anything that could break down the wider shoulders rather than framing them is your cue to pick it. Go nuts on V-necks, they are exclusively made to flatter your body shape. When picking dresses for a carrot-shaped body, look for prints and patterns that could contribute to striking a balance between your broad shoulders and narrow hips.

The perfect pair of jeans for an inverted triangle figure would be mid-rise slim-fit style. Just keep your top minimalistic, you wouldn’t want too much drama on that portion. Save all ruffles, tassels, flares, and pizazz for below the mid-riff that would flatter your body shape the best.

Styling Tips for a Rectangle Shaped Body

A rectangle-shaped body is what pretty much the name states. You’d have almost equal measurements of shoulders and hips with no defined waist. Style your outfits to create and mimic the curves, definitions, and drama that you want to see in your body. The good thing is, you can almost wear anything you want with a figure like this, just know how to accessorize it well to add more substance to it.

Tube dresses look gorgeous on a rectangle-shaped body. Off shoulder, back V, straps, and lace-up necklines – all of it is going to work on you. Just avoid cuts that are exclusively made to flatter well-endowed bodies such as an A-line. Use strong block colors as your base clothing and then add layers to create an illusion of more defined curves in your body.

A rectangle-shaped body can get away with wearing any sort of jeans they please and possibly any style of the top would work. Structured short jackets would look killer on you. Avoid long duster coats or cardigans, they’ll look lost on you. Opt for vests and traditional snug jackets instead.

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Brilliant Outfit Ideas for a Casual First Date

Brilliant Outfit Ideas for a Casual First Date:

What to wear on a casual first date can be a daunting question to figure out on your own. It’s understandable that you would want to put your best foot forward but simultaneously wouldn’t want to come off as a little too over-dressed just to grab a cup of coffee or something with a stranger for the first time. The struggle to find the perfect balance between an elegantly dressy and a crazy over the top date outfit is real. But, this is where we step in to help you figure out how to pick the best outfit for a casual first meet-cute.

Here are the best first date styling rules to always abide by with some brilliant outfit combinations suggestions:

Outfit # 1

Brilliant Outfit Ideas for a Casual First Date

Meeting someone right after work or during your lunch break? Research a little about the ambiance of the place you’re meeting your date. If it’s just a cool coffee place or a little café, you can get away with a simple trouser-shirt outfit. Just pick a pair of denim you know flatters your body. Skinnies might be a great option to emphasize your waist and flatter your long legs. Always pick high heels to go with that and a pair of the relaxed-fit t-shirt; never the baggy top, it’s never a good first-date outfit idea ever. Lose the jacket if you wore one to work. Accessorize with a coolly mint clutch and match your nail paint with it. Now that’s a girly yet casual first date outfit done right.

Outfit # 2

Tube dresses are a fantastic fit to wear on a first date. The reason is simple: they’d save you the is-it-too-sexy-for-a-date-outfit freak-outs! Trust us. You’ve got no neckline, waistline, or hem issues to tackle here. Just pick a nice tube dress in a color that gets you the most compliments; throw on a denim jacket if it’s a daytime date or a nice chiffon duster long line if you’re meeting someone in the evening. Pumps would be a great shoe fit but kitten heels might work too to dress it ‘down’ if you please. Have fun picking your arm-candy for the date. Stacked up bangles or beads look beautiful yet casually stylish.

Outfit # 3

Brilliant Outfit Ideas for a Casual First Date

If you’re fond of jeans – knee-ripped jeans with a cute white blouse would make a gorgeous first date outfit. It’s probably not what you could pick for a post-work date outfit though, but this is something you can totally wear on a Sunday brunch date outfit. Layer it with a pastel structured blazer and match your heels and clutch with that. Have fun with the sleeves of your blouse; ballooned sleeves or some ruffles would look really cute and feminine to tie the entire look together.

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Cool Denim Trends You Need to Follow This Season

Cool Denim Trends You Need to Follow This Season:

Scooch over fashion police – denim is the new cool trend of the season. Everyone and their mommas are flaunting their jeans and if celebs and supermodels are wearing jeans to events and gatherings, who are we to object!

Summer could be a hard time for the ladies who practically live in jeans all day long. We mean, there’s really a limit on how you can style denim and actually make it work. Well – not anymore! If you have already got yourself a pair of jeans that makes your waist look oh-so-sexy, your legs extra-long and your curves oh-la-la, we say you get the maximum mileage out of it.

Here are 4 cool and sexy ways to style a pair of jeans, you’ll never run out of ideas now:

1. Sneaker Your Jeans

If you haven’t strolled around town in your ugly dad sneakers yet – what have you been doing with your life lately? Seriously! The 90s massive chunky dad sneakers are just the hottest trend of the town and you know what would look great with it: a pair of black Capri skinnies. Selena Gomez wore it, and she makes only the best fashion choices ever. A simple plain white t-shirt with a pair of high-waist black skinnies and white sneakers is all you need for an elevated and elegant yet chilled and relaxed summer day outfit.

2. The Tough Festive Look

Do you know what sounds tough? A badass leather jacket. But – throw in a studded leather jacket in the mix and you have got yourself a festive day outfit. Stroll in style with a white breezy loose-fit blouse, a pair of slim-fit jeans, and a black leather jacket. Black and gold kitten heels would go perfectly with this ensemble.

3. The Breezy Summer Dress

Is it really summer if you don’t get to pull off at least a few floral clothing items? We don’t think so. A pastel-colored floral longline or duster jacket would look so cool and edgy with a pair of light wash knee ripped jeans. Slingback heels are what would pair perfectly with these. Add a belt to create an empire waits for effect if you want to make your denim a little dressy and elegant.

4. The Polished Chic Vibe

And there’s always, of course, the option to wear a pair of jeans as an elegant and classic outfit rather than the distressed rough look. Wear a pair of straight jeans with either a nice crop top or a t-shirt. Cuff the jeans for a stylish twist. Throw on a blazer on top to make it a work outfit. Fancy high heels would work great with this combo.

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