Wardrobe essentials tips for ladies

Wardrobe essentials tips for ladies

let’s face it we don’t know when this pandemic is going to end but we are going back to our regular lives and wardrobe essentials are very important to make the regular clothes much more interesting, and styling them in different ways is kind of fun in its own, right?

I guess no one, has even got the time to shop, and obviously everyone is bored with that same old style statement. Are you facing problems in rebuilding your essentials? Today, we’ll discuss some of the essentials you must have and can pair up in style to create that on-go look.

Who doesn’t like a versatile wardrobe? But creating one is a task, as you don’t know what to buy and what not to. So here we are, with some basic essentials every girl needs in her wardrobe to get that amazing look from basics.

Everyone has their own style and preferences and loves customization, so you can decide what you like and what suits your personal style. So let’s hop in to find out your personal style!

1. A bodysuit that suits you:

A perfect piece to go with outfits when you are in the mood for layering. Any occasion like casual dinner, girl’s night out, or even on a date, it can go with many of your outfits.

There is a different kind of neckline for a different kind of wearing and pairing up.

Wearing a bodysuit with jeans is kind of support to you as it’s always tucked in when you bend and at the same time make you look slimmer and stylish.

2. A high-quality bra:

A right fitting bra is essential because, if the fitting is right inside, it gives you the proper shape and look on the outside. you should always invest in a good quality bra and try and select the color more matching to your skin tone. A classic t-shirt bra is a must-wear underneath t-shirts to get that right look in the intimate moments that happen in our life.

3. Cami to the rescue:

Silk, satin or lacy, a cami is very Pretty and feminine in the viewer’s eyes. It can be worn as a single piece with denim jeans or could be paired up with jackets. Layering a cami can easily rejuvenate the look of your outfit. It will make you look more stylish, sexy and for that, just a normal t-shirt wouldn’t look good. Everyone wants to look sexy and a cami should definitely be considered to give you that look.

4. Essential tees:

No matter if it’s a basic plain white, but its versatility should definitely give this essential a place in this list. you can wear it as an underdress, overdress or you can layer it up and also pair it up with dresses. It’s a fun wardrobe staple.

Stylized t-shirts are the ones that have stripes, graphic prints, and embroidery work on them. They can be pulled off at any casual outings or on a group dinner. The printed one’s kind of, shows more of your personality with the colors on it. You can always carry them when you don’t know what to wear, go with a t-shirt.

5. Button up and level up!

A white blouse is a classy more of a formal look which is required for some formal events but for a regular basis look you need a fun white blouse which might have some small prints or embroidery on it.

You can also go with a satin or silk blouse which looks good with your personality and can carry it for any day/night event or a casual/business meeting.

6. LBD – little black dress:

A little black dress is a go-to for any dress-up event or any formal event. you can pair it up with long jackets, denim jackets, wear a white t-shirt underneath, etc. You can wear it at any function no matter if it’s a wedding, a cocktail, or dinner. Black dress never goes out of fashion and it’s always a style statement. Also, black is considered to be one of the most vital colors for any wardrobe, so an LBD should have a place in your wardrobe.

7. All about jackets:

Denim jackets- A perfect outer fit, you can wear to complete your casual outfits. If you are wearing just a plain white tee, so putting on a denim jacket will change your entire outfit as it will look more sassy and cool. The denim jackets go with any outfit completely, complementing it and making your style sexier. If you wear an outfit and feel something is missing, try pairing it up with a denim jacket and it will work wonders for you.

Moto jackets- Giving more of an edgy vibe with that feminine look. It always gives that cool-girl style who has a lot of confidence and is carrying herself with a style statement.

8. Blazer to amaze them over:

A perfect essential when you need to look more professional, want to attend a formal office function, or want to go for an interview. Yes! We are talking about blazers! Not only just these, but you can also carry them with plain denim and t-shirts to complete that look. You can have different styles of blazers to get that amazing and evergreen semi-formal look.

Always having regular color blazers is an advantage as not only you can wear it with formal wear but can also carry it in a rich and luxurious look.

9. Stylish denim:

Confused about your bottom wears? Jeans are the best go-to option as they are very comfortable and classy. Plus, it goes with anything like a bodysuit, t-shirt, blazer, jackets just to name a few. A good looking and comfortable jeans give you the right confidence of caring for yourself properly.

If you are one of the buyers who regret later about your buying then it’s highly recommended for you to buy jeans/denim that look good and feel good. You feel your look being completed when your jeans fit you the right way.

10. Art of accessorizing:

Belt – It is a self-explanatory accessory in itself as you need a belt to hold your jeans or a broad belt to pair up with a dress.

Jewelry piece – to level up any outfit you need a jewelry piece that compliments it. You can always have some neckpiece that completes that little detail that is missing out. It is something that you can wear on a regular basis which just completes your everyday look.

So there’s how we summed up 10 major wardrobe essentials which are a must-have for our beautiful women out there’s who are on a mission to put on a style statement. Having these 10 wardrobe essentials should upgrade your style level to the next stage.

Don’t forget to check out the Savvy Turtle Fashion section to achieve an aesthetic knowledge of Men’s and women’s fashion and unlock your true potential with, top-class fashion knowledge.

Photo by Borko Manigoda from Pexels

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