Trench coat the outerwear piece worth every investment

Trench coat the outerwear piece worth every investment

If there is one clothing garment that screams history, fashion, and style, that sure is the trench coat. The timeless classic has survived the changes in fashion trends quite successfully and become a piece that holds deep and strong fashion value. From one side of the world to the other, the trench coat is being known and recognized as the one stylish but highly functional garment. Although the cut, the length, and the minor outer look changes have frequently appeared on the market concerning the trench coat, it has mainly remained unchanged with its signature look and maintained its wearable use.

The history of the trench coat

Trench coat and its origin goes way back in history, in the time of the Boer war. Back then, it was considered as a part of the military outfit, worn by the British officers. It was a garment that was water repellent and kept the body warm during the days of long outside exposure. Men were the only ones wearing it, but, it was not long after when Thomas Burberry, a European fashion designer, saw the potential of this garment as a fashion piece. To expand its use, he designed the trench as a women’s outerwear garment too. From that moment on, Burberry’s trench became the most popular trench in the world and undeniably the most famous fashion item.

Over the years, the style of the trench did not change much, although certainly, it did experience an influence form the fashion trends at that moment. It remained more or less the same, with minor changes in tailoring, length, and details. With the development of the fashion industry, the trench got only more polished and sophisticated look, becoming an investment worth every penny.

The trench as a fashion trend

As soon as fall hits and the rainy weather starts, the trench coat season is officially on. Influencers and fashionistas are the first to wear their new or vintage coats and flaunt unique street style looks that set the urban trends. And that is how the trench coats make the top of the list of the fall fashion trends – season after season. This fall, the trench coat is expected, again, to shine in its full and the classic light, and all those of you who still have not got your coat now is the right time to see which style fits you best and invest in this glorious fashion piece.

The Chelsea trench coat

Chelsea trench is the most popular trench, recognizable by its vintage look, defined by the sharp and clean lines. Considered as the most original one, it features details like high collar, short lapels, sharp shoulders, and the signature double breasting and double buttoning. It comes with a belt, made from the same fabric and color, positioned just on the waist. The length comes just above the ankles, proving visually elongating effect. Its signature color is beige, but the color choices are numerous.

The Saskia trench coat

Saskia is a similar version to the Chelsea trench coat, with the most important difference coming in its length. It is a shorter version for the Chelsea, with the length reaching the knees. It is a great option for women with shorter height because it puts the legs on the spot and makes the person look taller. Although the entire cut and tailoring suggest elegance and formality, the newer fashion trends put the Saskia trench coat as every fashionable choice, that looks good even with sportswear.

Leather trench coat

The leather trench coat comes high on the top of the trench coat fall fashion trends. It is a nice refresher for those looking to spice up their fashion style. As a fabric, leather in all its forms is highly appreciated in the fashion industry by the final look it provides to the one wearing it. A leather trench is sexy and mystique, extremely elegant, and fashionable. The street style puts the leather trench coat both as a day and night piece, because of its elegant finish, color options and styling looks.

Trench with a hood and belt

Another interesting and different option from the classic trench is the one with a belt and a hood. Lovable and popular among the fashionistas, it excellently combines elegance with the sports style. The hood comes directly from the trench, blending the appearance of a cape with a coat. Without any buttons, just a belt to accent the waist, this is a coat that is regularly paired with trendy sneakers. However, many pair them with more elegant and formal clothes. Its length reaches just a bit over the knees.

Balloon trench coat

The balloon cut of the trench and the sleeves makes this option a very feminine and modern choice. Going in another direction from the classic trench but still keeping the signature details, the balloon trench comes with a knee-length and a belt. It is very cool and puffy, perfect for those who want to try something different than the classic trench lines. Since it is shorter it length, the styling of this outerwear should not involve any layering underneath it.

Although fashion trends might be changing, the fashionability of the trench coat is constants. It comes as no surprise that the famous fashion houses and brands always incorporate the trench coat in their lines, and they keep a pretty high price. Not only for the fall season, the trench coat is a very popular outerwear garment in the spring season too, also followed by fashion trends that mainly focus on its color. Namely, the trench coats for the summer season come in pastel color, looking very soft, romantic, and feminine.

So, if there is a piece that every woman should own in her closet and flaunt the eternal elegance and chic throughout the seasons, the trench coat is the piece worth every investment. It will never go out of style and its trendiness will remain present for many more years to come.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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