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Afterlife Official Audio

by Savvy Turtle

Savvy Turtle – Afterlife (Official Audio)

Savvy Turtle wrote and composed Afterlife while recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, to get out and express that rough time in his life while providing encouragement to the soldiers around him to put your head up, Tap The Shell! and keep walking.

Life will happen to me today
I don’t know if this is my place
No I’m not up for another race
I will lose if that’s how I play
I’m gonna live and laugh and die

Whenever it happens it’ll be the right time
I came with nothing and I’ll leave it all behind
Do you think it really matters if you’re wrong or right
The expansion of perception, of your thoughts, of your mind
I’m gonna live and laugh and die

We’re alive for this
So, we can go through the bliss
And all the pain that exists
Otherwise, nothing would make sense X2
That’s got to be it,
This is how I see it
That’s how I try to live it

I’m not a believer but I don’t deny either
we just need to dive down much deeper
We’re not doing this for the afterlife
who knows if we will still own our minds

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