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Michael John Bobak is a contemporary artist with a unique style. He uses a technique of his own devising he calls “smearing” in order to blend different images together into a dreamlike whole.. “Everyone has their own individual view of the world in which we live. I enjoy bending reality to capture my vision of it.”

Michael John Bobak favorite quote:

““All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

Michael John Bobak is a digital artist who is, in many circles, more known for this quote than his art. But this is a shame, as his art is a totally sublime example of this quote: unconventional, yet influenced by so many of the familiar symbols of our time, his pieces are often dizzying digital collages (using a technique he calls “smearing”). Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re surreal, and often they’re uncomfortable. But if art – like anything else – is to progress, it’s going to take place outside the comfort zone.”
Jessica Wei – Writer for DUE.com