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Post Covid-19 women’s fashion trends

by Savvy Turtle
Post Covid-19 women's fashion trends

Post Covid-19 women’s fashion trends:

The unreal and the challenging situation that the world is facing today is something unseen in modern history. However, the influence of the widely spread pandemic COVID-19 has made an influence on many aspects of the life and functioning of both individuals and industries. One of the industries that directly felt the influence of this situation was the fashion industry. With the closure of the stores, pausing the production, and closing the factories, the fashion lovers were left with no possibility to enjoy the fashion and flaunt their styles due to the restriction imposed on curfews and social distancing.

However, as everything is starting slowly to get back in line, in terms of fashion, many are wondering how will the women’s fashion and styles look like post-COVID-19? Here are some fashion trends that are expected to emerge:

Beige & brown color combo

Not so unfamiliar for the colder seasons, but the beige and the neutral shades are coming back as a trend post the COVID pandemic. Clean, always stylish, and warm, beige is a tone that has the power to make the outfit look warm and elegant. The addition of warm brown, creates an excellent contrast between these shades, resulting in wonderful fall choice.

Leather in all forms

The presence of leather in fashion is constant and undeniably chic. The post-COVID summer and fall season introduce the leather as the fabric that will shine in its full light. Whether that comes in the form of a stylish trench coat, modern shirt, blazer, or a mini skirt, all forms, versions, and colors of the leather are welcome in the new fashion era.

Mix & match

The trend of mixing and matching mostly focuses on the difference between prints and patterns. The ability to find similar yet different enough prints and patterns that will create a unique fashion outfit is what makes this trend so popular and eye-catching. The best looks come from the difference in the color of the same print or pattern, styled together on a top and bottom piece, but for the more daring ones, there is no limit – the more diverse the better the look!

White dresses

White dresses are not only for summer or moreover, associated with the bridal department. On the contrary, the newest trends put the white dress as a piece excellent for the fall season, open to new and fresh stylings with heavier fabrics and darker colors. The crisp and clean color comes as a new fresh choice for fall, and the looks include everything from tights and boots to bare skin and coats.

Coats with classic cuts

The coat with the classic cut never goes out of fashion. The front double-breasting and big buttons, sharp shoulders and a belt is the piece that is worth the investment and one that will keep you warm and fashionable in the upcoming colder months.

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