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Combination Skin 101

by Savvy Turtle
Combination Skin 101

Combination Skin 101 Causes, Needs, and Care

What is combination skin?

The combination skin type is extraordinary because it has different skin types’ characteristics on different parts of the skin. That means that some parts are very oily (in most cases, it is the T-zone), and some parts are dry (usually forehead, cheeks, temples, and hairline). The oily part of the face tends to break out and have more visible and larger pores, and the dry part tends to be characterized by dullness, flakiness, and dryness.

This means that this type of skin can sometimes be hard to take care of, mainly because different parts of the skin need completely opposite types of care and nutrition.

If you have combination skin, you probably tend to run into problems like controlling oil around your chin and nose or if struggling to get rid of the flakiness on your forehead or your cheeks.

What causes combination skin?

The most likely cause of combination skin is genetics, just like for pretty much everything in on our bodies. Nevertheless, the inadequate skincare may be making the shape of your skin worse than it is. Of course, that is not what you want (who wants that?), but you may be using cleansers that are too harsh on the dry parts of the skin, trying to remove the oiliness from the oily part. It is pretty hard to balance, yes. We are here to help with that and tell you everything you need to know about what your skin needs and how to provide exactly that.

Tips to keep combination skin healthy and nourished

The most useful skincare tip we can give you when it comes to combination skin is a balance. That is all combination skin needs for the negative effects of each skin type to be reduced. You will have to compromise on the products you are using. While that does not mean that you should have two separate skincare regimes, it does mean that you will have to think about how a product affects your skin overall, both oily and dry side.

Make sure you are using a gentle and low pH cleanser that will help build a great foundation in your skincare routine.

When it comes to toners, you should stay away from the harsh and drying toners ones. Instead of that, choose a lightweight toner and layer it. This will work for both dry and oily parts of the skin, which taps into that balance we talked about.

You may be prone to breakouts and blackheads just on the T-zone due to the high concentration of the skin’s sebum and natural oils. If this is the case, you can opt for chemical exfoliants in that area of the face only. This way, you are going to avoid drying out the rest of your skin.

In order to moisturize the dry areas of the skin, sheet masks are your best friend. They will moisturize the areas that need it without adding the extra oil to the already oily areas.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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