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7 Suit Mistakes you shouldnt be committing

7 Suit Mistakes you shouldnt be committing

by Savvy Turtle
7 Suit Mistakes you shouldnt be committing

7 Suit Mistakes you shouldnt be committing:

Suits are one of the most celebrated apparel to ever exist in the men’s fashion arena. Nothing will make you look more sharp, elegant, and stylish than wearing a high-quality suit. However, not all guys can wear a suit and instantly look attractive.

The way you pull off a suit tells everyone a lot about your personality, your style sense. In simple words, we mostly wear a suit on a particular occasion and there are a lot of people around us who notice. So, make sure you aren’t committing 7 suit mistakes listed down below or you will be listed in the average category guy.

So time to level up, here we go!

  1. Buttoning the bottom button:

3 button blazers were a lot common in past times but the momentum has shifted towards two-button blazers now. But regardless of how many buttons are given, you should never button the bottom button of your blazer at all.

Buttoning both the buttons of your blazer makes you look a more serious and a nerd guy that you don’t want to look like. Buttoning up only the top-button gives your suit a touch of a tuxedo, and look 10 times more stylish than normal.

  1. Not getting your suit tailored properly:

Your suit tailor should be your best friend. One of the biggest issues that guys have is that they don’t know how their suits are supposed to it. They lack the knowledge that tailoring and altering the suit can work wonders for their suit.

The key factor of a good-looking suit is its fit. If a suit fits you well, it will give you an amazing look no matter which color and fabric it is made of. Try to alter your suit and make proper fittings around your ankles and wrist to get the better of your suit.

  1. Wearing a short sleeves shirt:

One of the biggest misconceptions of guys is that they think they can pull off a short-sleeve inside the blazer and think that people won’t notice it. But our friend, you would want to show off your sleeves out of your blazer as well.

You’re not the nerdy guy who works in the accounting department. You should know this common fashion tip that sleeves of your shirt should extend from your blazer’s ankle and you can add a good pair of cufflinks to add on.

  1. Not wearing a watch:

Now we don’t believe in adding lots of accessories while rocking a suit, but wearing a watch is essential with this formal attire. We believe in the fact that your wrist should never be naked and with a classy formal attire like a suit, you should certainly add a watch to make it much classier.

We can’t wear accessories like rings, bracelets, lockets when wearing a suit because we have to keep things stylish and classy, so a watch is what you need to mix things up a little bit and maintain the classiness in the accessories section too.

  1. Not placing your suit in a hanger:

This one is no brainer, if you can’t take care of your suit then you shouldn’t be owning one. Wearing a suit that is wrinkled around your back and other parts look shabby and work as an instant style killer. A creased suit is totally money-wasted.

Instead, you should place your suit in a suit pouch and a hanger so that your suit remains in good condition at the time of the event. If you see it creased from a particular area then iron it, or steam heat it to remove any wrinkles.

  1. Suits can be only being styled formally:

If anyone told you that suits can only be worn with a shirt and waistcoat and suit is made for formal occasions only then, it is all bullshit. That crazy socks, elegant pocket square, and shining boots don’t mean suits can only be pulled off formally.

We highly recommend you to style your suit with a turtleneck, which is the trendiest option in men’s fashion nowadays. A turtleneck easily compliments your suit and can make you one of the sexiest guy in the room.

  1. Purchasing a trendy suit instead of a lasting one:

What do we mean here is, getting a suit that is cool now, doesn’t mean it would remain cool forever? Whether it’s the trendy suit wore by your favorite hero on the red carpet or suit that you see everyone wear. Don’t buy it. If you choose your suit according to temporary trends, then you’re doing a blunder.

Suits are a long-term investment and should almost last you 2-3 years before getting another one, so we recommend to get the basics and classics first. Colors like black, navy blue, the wine will always remain in style and fulfill your purpose as well.

Photo by Rebrand Cities from Pexels

So these were our top 7 suit mistakes listed for you, that will help you from going rookie to pro when it comes to suits and formal wear. We at Savvy Turtle tend to make more and more awesome content for you so that you can be as elegant as suit when it comes to men’s fashion.

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