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7 hair hacks to take your hair game to the next level

7 hair hacks to take your hair game to the next level!

7 hair hacks to take your hair game to the next level!

Hair is one of the most noticeable features the human body has to offer. When we look up to someone, we tend to notice their face and their hair particularly first. It all comes down to that, if your hair is on point your basic style will be 10 times more attractive.

You can relate this, good quality hair can help you achieve some fine hairstyles and if your hair looks good then it can automatically complement your other facial features as well. If you have a good hair day, you feel more confident and can be ready to take on the day.

So today, we’ll help your cause by giving you 7 amazing hair hacks to ensure that every day is a good hair day for you:

  1. Oiling your hair twice a week:

If your hair is a body, then the oil is its food. Yes! Oiling your hair twice should be a no-brainer as oil works as great nourishment for your dry and dull hair and oiling prevents your scalp from being dry and gives away white flakes aka dandruff.

You should be oiling your hair a day before you shampoo and keep the oil overnight. The overnight process kind of helps oil to settle in deep in your roots and keep your hair nourished and healthy.

  1. Rinse your hair with cold water:

If you shampooing your hair, then remember to finish out your hair-wash session with a 1 min. of a cold shower. A cold shower has its benefits for your skin, hair, and complete body. It locks your hair cuticles and also locks the nourishment and natural oils.

Whereas, if it’s spine-chilling winter nights and you’re going for a hot shower then we would not suggest hot water for your skin and hair. It dries away your scalp and your skin. Most of our readers face acne in the winter season, right? Now you got the reason.

  1. Don’t go mad with a towel in your hand:

We get it, most of the guys here are in a hurry and they don’t have enough time and patience to wait for your hair to get air-dried. So they rigorously towel-dry their hair. But, they don’t know they are actually making a mess of their head by going so harsh with a towel.

When you come out of the shower and your hair is wet, it is most likely to get damaged because your hair is very delicate and weak when it’s wet. When you tug and pull your wet hair with a towel that’s where you damage and weaken the roots.

Speaking about drying……

  1. Carefully blow dry your hair:

Blow drying your hair is essential as most of the guys, blow dry hair to achieve volume and keep your hair in place all day. But if you’re blow-drying your hair from a close distance then you need to think again about your blow-drying technique.

A blow dryer produces an excessive amount of heat and if you take the heat near the scalp then your hair will be prone to breakage and drying out. Instead, you a cool setting on your blow dryer and apply a heat-repellent spray to minimize the damage.

  1. Get your hair rid of the products:

A lot of men use hair products for styling and maintain different kinds of hairstyles. Well, there’s not that much harm in applying hair products, you should never-ever keep the hair products for overnight. This is the biggest-blunder that affects your hair quality.

When you apply a hair-product, your hair tends to become greasy and can easily attract dirt, pollution, etc. With all that dirt, pollution build-up in your hair, you should get it off by using shampoo, before going to bed.

  1. Get Silk Pillowcases:

Our recommendation to this hair and home furnishing hack is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. Silk goes easy on your hair, as we tend to move our head a lot when we are asleep and silk can avoid the breakage that is caused by our movement.

Also, try to have clean pillowcases every week so that you’re not putting your hair in the same oily mess every single night. Silk pillowcases will help you avoid breakage and tangles which goes a long way in keeping up the quality of hair.

  1. Get your hair trimmed regularly:

You should pay a visit to your barber every 4-6 weeks if you are serious about the way your hair looks. Your barber is an expert and can easily suggest your different hairstyles and 10 different hacks that are not listed here.

Plus, trimming and moving scissors in your hair regularly keeps the problems of split ends in check. If also you’re looking to grow out your hair, plan a visit to a barber’s shop and get amazing advice from him.

So, guys, that was our 7 basic yet effective hair hacks/tips whatever you like to say. If you follow these tips your hair will thank you for years. And, after all, who wants to go bald in his 40s or 50s. If you start taking care of hair at a younger age, then your hair will probably last till your retirement.

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

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