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10 Mens Styles Mistakes you

10 Mens Styles Mistakes you shouldnt make

10 Mens Styles Mistakes you shouldnt make:

Fashion and style in Men’s have come a long way in 2020 but We don’t get it that why guys living in 2020 still style their outfit and appearance like they are living in the ’70s or ’80s. Fashion is very revolutionary and it keeps on changing from time to time. We have to keep you up to date with our fashion articles but you have to not commit the fashion blunders.

In most of Men’s fashion blogs, everyone talks about hot trends, latest fashion ideas that are raging all over the Internet and social media but today we’re here to help you guys so that you do not commit basic fashion mistakes that can hamper your fashion sense image to the world.

If you get these basic fashion mistakes out of your way, chances are you would be 70% more fashionable than other guys who keep on committing these mistakes every day.

So buckle up, today we’re presenting 10 fashion mistakes that guys should avoid at all cost:

  1. Wearing wrinkled clothes:

We’ve seen so many guys wearing wrinkled clothes in public and that doesn’t look good at all. If you’re wearing a plain buttoned-up shirt and that shirt has wrinkles all over it, then dude, your fashion sense will be doubted by everyone.

These wrinkled clothes look very unattractive instead you should spend 5 minutes and Iron your clothes to get out the wrinkles. Okay, you are in a hurry some days, when you have snoozed the alarm for an extra 15 minutes of sleep, so try blow-drying your shirt for 2 minutes and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Wearing Jeans that covers your shoes:

Dude, you’re spending some heavy bucks on that lit sneakers and if you hide them with your sloppy long jeans then you know that you’re doing something wrong. Don’t let your jeans fold over your footwear like you’re wearing your dad’s clothes.

Instead, we recommend getting it tailored or altered around your ankles. Your ankles should be a bit visible. Or, you can cuff the bottom of your jeans in just a few minutes that can enhance your look instantly. Cuffing is still better than wearing baggy jeans.

  1. Wearing a backward hat:

We don’t understand why guys wear a backward hat on occasions like dates, get together, functions, etc. Wearing a hat is cool but it should be worn only on specific occasions like when working out in the gym or attending a baseball game.

You are restricting your potential by wearing a hat as you can look 10 times more attractive with a cool hairstyle. Wearing a hat wouldn’t let you explore your hairstyle to everyone. Wearing a hat once in a while is okay but we recommend not overdo it. (Backwards hat is a big no-no).

  1. Not trying new accessories:

We would always tell, every reader of ours, to always wear an accessory while rocking up to your fashion game. Just throw a watch to your wrist, and that’s an amazing start. The problem is that lot of guys are afraid of trying anything new.

But that’s what fashion is all about my friend. If you won’t experiment with your fashion now, then you wouldn’t completely know what is good for you and what is not. Try some rings, bracelets, or lockets that add tiny details to your outfit. Breakout of your comfort zone.

  1. Forgetting to wear a belt:

The most annoying thing on this list, Imagine this. leaving your house, walking into a party and suddenly your pants just start slipping down your waist and you’re like damn!! Yes, we can understand that feeling, we’ve all been through it.

You forgot your belt and now you have to pull up your bottoms every now and then. Your behind is looking a bit breezy and when you bend down, everyone can see what brand of underwear you’re wearing. Very embarrassing. Please never leave your house without a belt guys.

  1. Hairy back of your neck:

Now, onto one of the biggest grooming mistakes men make and that is leaving your back of the neck hairy and ungroomed. If your neck hair is connecting to your hairstyle and down to the hair in your back and that is very awful looking.

Guys, get it to sort every time you have a haircut, or just tell someone else to shave it off for you to avoid the connection of ever-growing hairline. You can use a hand mirror and try shaving it off by yourself.

  1. Only wearing sneakers:

Now, this mistake would not be welcomed by our young sneakerhead readers but guys, sneakers are not the only footwear type that exists in the world!! Guys wearing sneakers everywhere they are going throughout their day.

You have to change it up, there are so many more men’s footwear options out there. Try wearing a good pair of Chelsea boots or something like a pointed loafer. In this way, you’ll have more variety in your footwear collection so that you can wear it according to the occasion.

  1. Bad Personal care:

You can have the best pair of an outfit, with some coolest accessories and vibrant and exciting pair of footwear but still won’t look good if your hygiene is not together. If you have a stinking body odor, messy hair, and a face full of acne and dullness, your sexiness will be down there in the earth’s crust.

You should take care of yourself first before taking your outfits and fashion game seriously. The fashion hack is that, if you have good personal care then you’ll automatically look good in whatever outfit you try to pull off.

  1. Not wearing cologne:

When you’ll wear cologne for the first time, you’ll be like why didn’t you start to wear cologne way sooner. Just don’t overdo it and we recommend starting small by wearing cologne as you’re putting directly onto your body.

Cologne will give you the freshness and a great smell that will set the vibe around you, people will want to be more and more around you and that will act as an instant confidence booster for you.

  1. Not everything expensive matters:

This mistake is the last in the list but is becoming more and more popular in guys and that is wearing high-end luxury brands every time and thinking that this will always make them look good. That my friends are simply not true.

Just because you’re wearing labels, just because you paid a lot of money on that t-shirt doesn’t mean that it’s well constructed. You can take a case by yourself. Would you spend your money in a $200 branded t-shirt that doesn’t fit you well or would you spend just $50 bucks on a t-shirt that completely hugs your body and is perfect for you?

Remember guys, do not forget your financial literacy just to make your fashion literacy look cool.

With this, we conclude our 10 fashion mistakes that guys commit regularly. Well there are tons of other mistakes committed but we felt that these 10 should definitely make the list and our readers will not make these 10 mistakes again.

Remember that we learn always from our mistakes but we want you guys to not go through the same mistakes which other guys commit. These 10 points sum up that what was killing your style game and now you know these, don’t ever repeat these mistakes!!

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

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