Spring Summer 2021 Fashion trends according to Milan FW

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion trends according to Milan FW

Italy is one of the most refined and popular countries in the world because it puts together three important things: culture, cuisine, and fashion. The last one is something that is highly appreciated and popular in world fashion history. When visiting Italy, the tourists and the natives enjoy watching people as they move around. And that has a lot to do with the way they are dressed and styled. Italians are known for their refined fashion style, elegance, and exquisite taste in fine goods. It is no secret that Milan is the center of the fashion happenings in this country, with the Milan Fashion week happening 2 times a year. Just before Paris, Milan sets the tone and the direction of how the fashion trends will move and what to expect in Paris.

Just as the Milan FW SS21 has finished, the general overview is that the fashion and the trends itself have centered on the comfortability and streamlined fashion that has become the only type of wear during the pandemic. But, to remain original and setter of the fashion novelties, even for the new season there were some interesting entries, taking the opposite route from the comfortability and leisure clothes. The newest trends include wonderful prints, popping colors, and voluminous designs.

Prints on point

Spring is always the time when the fashion wakes up from the calmer winter outfits and garments. For a fresh start, and hopefully more socializing, Milan fashion week introduced the big, bold and appealing prints as part of the newest fashion trends for the upcoming season. Many of the Italian designers have infused all kinds of different prints with bright, summer prints with a special accent on the tropical flowers and nautical themes. And of course, the highlight of this upcoming trend was from the dominating and unique Versace. At their runway, the models were dressed in neon dresses with sequin starfish. For all those of us who want to flaunt this trend, there is plenty of time to restock on some garments that will be full of flowery prints. Just keep in mind that the bolder the print is, the trendier the outfit will be for the next SS21 season.

Show your bra

The trend that many celebrities have worn through the years has now become one of those that will define the SS21 according to MFW. The bra is not only a part of the underwear. No more. It is a fashion piece that needs to be shown. And with that, it is expected that the lingerie industry will make some changes regarding the look of the underwear. It will be designed to look luxurious and willing to be seen, just as the fashion runways displayed them. The options to wear the bra visible are quite numerous: under a blazer, worn over some top, or just solo, with high-waisted trousers. To nail the perfect look at this trend, it is important to get a bra that will look like a fashion piece. It can be in a worm of a bustier or some cute corset. Choose a shimmering or metallic one or one in a color that will catch eyes and make your outfit stand out.

Pop of color

Come spring, the neutral and sleek and soft colors have always been the dominating color palette, season after season. Although it is not excluded that there will be some pastels and neutrals next spring, MFW brings exactly the opposite thing – a pop of bright color. One thing that is very well-known for the fashionistas is the mix and match styles of bright colors. This is a repeating trend, that contrary to the others, does not require shopping. Just two pieces in different bright colors will do the work and you will instantly get an outfit that was never considered as a stylish and trendy before. The colors do not have to be contrasting, they can be as similar as possible as long that they are different.

Sheer fabric

If there is anything that Italian fashion teaches us is that it is always good to expect the unexpected, and to dress how you feel. The sheer fabrics have been quite popular this summer season, with the special influence put on the puffy sleeves. The next season, MFW suggests pairing sheer with layering. To achieve this, the inspiration can be taken directly from the runways: the sheer dress is layered with slips and relaxed trousers. This delivers versatility in dressing and a bit of playfulness to the regular see-through clothes. The sheer pick should not be completely plain, for example, floral motifs are always welcome. But, if you are a fan of monochromatic looks that choose the underneath clothes in one color, and let the sheer garment be in a contrasting one.

Desert tones

As mentioned above, neutrals are always present on the fashion scene, no matter the season of the trends. What is good about them is that there are so many shades and hues that it is never dull or boring to wear neutrals. MFW puts the desert hues as a top pick from the neutrals in SS21. And the garments can be anything from tailored suits, slip dresses, easy maxi dresses, Bermudas… The trend also allows pairing two or three pieces in similar shades, where the desert tones will be the center of the outfit.

Volume on

Exaggeration is a word that the Italians do not know. When it comes to fashion, nothing is too much. And the same goes for the voluminous silhouettes. Whether it is a raincoat, trench coat, kimono cape, or any other sort of outerwear, the next season the voluminous and oversized designs are expected to rule, contrary to the shaping ones. Comfortability comes easy with the big pieces, completely hiding whatever it is you are wearing underneath. For those who do not appreciate the trend in full and looking like a moving bag, the belt on the waist always does the trick and gives the dose of refined look that you might need.

With these upcoming trends, there is only hope that the pandemic would end and that the SS21 will be far better for socializing and sporting some fashion trends than SS20 was.

Photo by Ivan Siarbolin from Pexels

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