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Crazy As A Drunk Rattlesnake

Crazy As A Drunk Rattlesnake

  • Are you determined to complete your goals in life while Grinding it out no matter what it takes, You are crazy as a Drunk Rattlesnake
  • While others around you laugh and mock you for Grinding it out to knock out your dreams wear our shirt proudly.
  • Pick one up for yourself or as a gift idea for a friend or family member
  • Buy It Now On Amazon and RedbubbleCreated on June, 16, 2006 and was first used in commercce the same day, Crazy As A Drunk Rattlesnake is one of Savvy Turtle’s top sellers and trending designs to date almost twenty years later. Over the years there has been many copycats and even counterfeiters but no one has been able to beat or surpass Savvy Turtle as we will always remain the Originals in Unique trending designs.

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