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Enjoy Savvy Turtle Make A Statement!

Savvy Turtle Never Underestimate a Woman with a Masters

Enjoy Savvy Turtle Make a Statement!

Savvy Turtle Never Underestimate a Woman with a Masters

  • If your daughter, niece, sister or even mom just graduated with her master’s degree in education, nursing or any other degree, they are going to love being surprised with this cute t-shirt
  • Have them wear this under their cap and gown to pull out after receiving their diploma and taking fun photo opportunities! Get one as a graduation gift idea to show your support and how proud you are of her

Released in May 2018 on Amazon and has been trending since as an Amazon Best Seller., Before the release in May 2018 we conducted a double-blind Secret shopper in February with 12 variations to this Savvy Turtle design and only the top four made the cut the remaining eight went into our archives.

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Top Colors: Black, Dark Heather, Heather Blue

Distressed Style or Regular:

94% of Savvy Turtle’s customers and fan base bought both versions for each color.

Standard fit or Premium Fit:

69% of Savvy Turtle Customers for this design chose the Premium Fit over the standard fit and 97% of Customers have said that both prices were below Savvy Turtle listed Amazon sales price and they all would gladly pay more.


Customers have said that our shirts are of High Quality and not cheaply made. and besides being the center of their party or friends they feel great wearing our Tees.

Designer Notes:

We will be adding the full winter line of hoodies, sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts soon.

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Enjoy Savvy Turtle Make a Statement!

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