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Enjoy Savvy Turtle Make A Statement!
Enjoy Savvy Turtle Make a Statement!

Savvy Turtle Leurd Anagram:


  • ANAGRAM PUZZLE SHIRT – Leurd T-Shirt text which deciphers to “Ruled”. Anagram shirts are the trending t-shirts designs for anyone who wants to look cool. No one can read the text before deciphering.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – Made from the premium quality raw materials, our quality t-shirt is made to last and outperform every other competitor available in the market in terms of ‘good value for money’.
  • AVAILABLE IN TWO COLORS – Our anagram shirts are available in two different colors to go with your personality. Boys can style themselves cool with the silver color while girls can look hot with the golden, but again, its your choice.
  • ANAGRAM HINT – With the crown in the background of letters, we have given a hint to anyone who sees for quick but not in the first look anagram deciphering. The crown gives immediate hint that leurd means “ruled”.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE – The unique, simple and decent design can be worn by each and everyone including, teen boys and girls, adult men and women. If you want to look cool, flaunt yourself personality, then this is the t-shirt for you.
  • UNISEX DESIGN – The unisex design guarantees that both men and women can wear this shirt without raising eyebrows or feeling embarrassed.
  • SATSIFACTION GUARANTEED – Made under strict quality controls, every effort has been made to make sure highest quality standards are maintained during the entire manufacturing process so that you get the premium quality that you expect from us.



If you are tired with boring and old t-shirt designs then this anagram t-shirt is the perfect product for you. It’s a cool new trendy design that makes anyone who’s looking at you wonder what is on your shirt and then with some quick thinking and hint from the crown in the background of “LEURD”, they can makeup “RULED”, smile and think that you are cool and may even high five you. Its unisex design and availability in two different colors make sure that you can have the color which goes well with your personality.


With the use of premium quality materials and strict quality controls, our highly skilled professionals under strict quality controls have made sure that the highest quality standards are maintained during the entire manufacturing process and you get the top of the line quality product with good value for your money that you expect from us. So, stop thinking and buy already.



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Enjoy Savvy Turtle Make a Statement!