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Letter to President Trump

by James D Wilson
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Letter to President Trump:

James D. Wilson on the Left, at the Pentagon in 2005 at our Purple Heart and Silver Star awards ceremony..

Dear Mr. President my name is James D. Wilson, I am a medically retired veteran one of many that has been waiting over a decade in the Department of Veterans Affairs line to receive spinal cord and neck surgeries along with some minor health care issues that are still somewhat preventable if taken care of, I applaud your efforts thus far with working on our country to make it great once again and your stamina hanging tough with the political elites on both sides of the isle.

You do know that when you took office in 2016 you automatically were inherited the gift of owning it all meaning the buck stops with you no exceptions and with that being said you need to kindly learn that there is a Yuge! difference between making executive orders, passing into law etc. things like Veterans Choice and it actually being implemented, I was a 100% combat disabled veteran before you got Veterans Choice passed, and now since it has passed there has been absolutely no change for the better but has made my life and other veterans lives worse with our health care as there is no accountability with the Veteran Affairs Administration for refusing to follow your orders or the laws on the books.

The key benefits the Veterans Affairs Administration knows they have the Nation’s Veterans and the Government in their pocket is the simple fact that United States Veterans do not have the right to sue the Veterans Affairs Administration or the United States Government for failing to honor the contract that all of us signed and a quarter of us signed with our blood, gave our lives, limbs and body for.

Once you go through the entire Veterans choice process and get set up and then find and set up a private hospital outside the Veterans Affairs close to your area the VA will continue to play their games with canceling treatments and payments every 90 days. along with suspending our retirement checks and SSA support checks. which the Veterans Affairs Administration know that unless you the United States veteran is strong or stubborn such as I or yourself President Donald Trump.” that the United States veteran will just give up, accept their defeat knowing that their Government “The United States Congress.” Has once again failed them and crawl under a bridge and drink themselves to death or commit suicide.

When a United States veteran goes to a private hospital it is no warm welcome for veterans or military rather it is get you out as quickly as possible even if you have a broken leg as you are publicly classified as indigent with no insurance, so let’s recap: Top tier Private Insurance, next tier Obama Care, next tier Medicaid, Next tier Welfare, Last tier Indigent with no insurance.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary indigent means the following:


Interesting related article: VA gears up to take on Choice claims processing

I do not do drugs I never have and never will or drink, I used to drink socially very rarely with light drinks responsibly but stopped even doing that 3 years ago as when you were still a civilian in New York you inspired me to find better social engagements with my life, I watched a special with you and Harvey Levin from TMZ in Trump Tower talking about your family and why you do not drink and it has inspired me. I just do not care for that stuff.

Yes I am in a lot of pain with long waits and 3 presidencies switchovers and still waiting but my drug is living life with volunteering in my local communities with working on homes for disabled and homeless veterans and picking out and publishing quotes on Savvy Turtle along with some of my own quotes and also display my designs that I partnered with Amazon and Redbubble, I do not get political with Savvy Turtle and tend to protect it, This letter to you is from me solely James D. Wilson and has nothing to do with Savvy Turtle. Our daily readers inspire me more than I pray I inspire them and they give me the strength to wake up the next day and continue walking in life.

I along with the rest of our United States veterans and our Country pray that you work it out with Congress all of the issues in our Nation along with finally fixing our immigration issue and pathway to citizenship. while I love everyone, I do not think it is right to let millions into our country with free health care, housing, food etc. when The United States Veterans are still not being cared for as promised on the other side of our contract for laying down our lives and giving up our life at home to go fight for our Country.

Up until 4 years ago I was homeless too so I know how that is, I found a blighted home and worked to save up $3,500 and purchased it with the land and have since been working on it here and there. No one knows, and no one knows the surgeries I need or encouragement needed to keep walking as every day I wake up smile and act as if everything is normal. in which what does normal even mean.

I applaud you “President Donald Trump.’ and your White House Administration for all the work you been doing and for finally finding the veterans that have been forgotten and started the process with allowing them to come home mentally with the award ceremonies that have been taking place.

We may not agree on everything which is alright as we both are human just as long as I give and show you respect as I disagree, so while I may not agree with you on the pull out of Syria you are still doing a great job thus far for a first-time politician.

I do not expect you or anyone else for that matter reading this letter to you as I do not have that kind of luck or political chips but it is far better than banging my head against the wall as trillions keeps going to all kinds of new entitlement must have Socialism programs while the United States war fighters are continually being forgotten except for holidays in which we are briefly thought about before America is grilling out with families for a four day weekend.

Stay strong, we are with you.

God Bless,

James D. Wilson


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