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Cool Denim Trends You Need to Follow This Season

Cool Denim Trends You Need to Follow This Season

Cool Denim Trends You Need to Follow This Season:

Scooch over fashion police – denim is the new cool trend of the season. Everyone and their mommas are flaunting their jeans and if celebs and supermodels are wearing jeans to events and gatherings, who are we to object!

Summer could be a hard time for the ladies who practically live in jeans all day long. We mean, there’s really a limit on how you can style a denim and actually make it work. Well – not anymore! If you have already got yourself a pair of jeans that makes your waist look oh-so-sexy, your legs extra-long and your curves oh-lalal, we say you get the maximum mileage out of it.

Here are 4 cool and sexy ways to style a pair of jeans, you’ll never run out of ideas now:

1- Sneaker Your Jeans

If you haven’t strolled around town in your ugly dad sneakers yet – what have you been doing with your life lately? Seriously! The 90s massive chunky dad sneakers are just the hottest trend of the town and you know what would look great with it: a pair of black Capri skinnies. Selena Gomez wore it, and she makes only the best fashion choices ever. A simple plain white t-shirt with a pair of high-waist black skinnies and white sneakers is all you need for an elevated and elegant yet chilled and relaxed summer day outfit.

2- The Tough Festive Look

You know what sounds tough? A badass leather jacket. But – throw in a studded leather jacket in the mix and you have got yourself a festive day outfit. Stroll in style with a white breezy loose-fit blouse, a pair of slim-fit jeans and black leather jacket. Black and gold kitten heels would go perfectly with this ensemble.

3- The Breezy Summer Dress

Is it really summer if you don’t get to pull off at least a few floral clothing items? We don’t think so. A pastel colored floral longline or duster jacket would look so cool and edgy with a pair of light wash knee ripped jeans. Slingback heels are what would pair perfectly with these. Add a belt to create an empire waits for effect if you want to make your denim a little dressy and elegant.

4- The Polished Chic Vibe

And there’s always, of course, the option to wear a pair of jeans as an elegant and classic outfit rather than the distressed rough look. Wear a pair of straight jeans with either a nice crop top or a t-shirt. Cuff the jeans for a stylish twist. Throw on a blazer on top to make it a work outfit. Fancy high heels would work great with this combo.

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