10 stylish things every guy needs in his closet!
10 stylish things every guy needs in his closet! - Bane Fox

10 stylish things every guy needs in his closet!

Over the years, we look and admire our style icon. We always try to compare ourselves with them and try to copy their style. We wear the same stylish outfits as them but still look nowhere good compared to them. Well, the truth is that it is little outfit details or particular pieces that you need to add to your same boring outfit to stand out from the crowd.

These are basics and foundation to any men’s wardrobe that make sure that they look good and put a little extra effort than other guys out there. We can bet that, if you read this full article and own at least 5-6 of these 10 stylish stuff then you’re going to be 70% more stylish and attractive than guys around you.

So let’s take a look at 10 stylish things every guy needs to own to look their best:

  1. Classy Watches:

Get yourself a watch is our top recommendation for you today. Every man needs to have a watch in his closet and his outfit. It doesn’t have to be crazily expensive, you should be simple and go basic if you’re going to buy your first watch.

Basic colors like Black, Navy blue, and brown color watches are what should be your priority as these watches work well with most of the outfits. Remember that it should not be about the brand it should be meant to make your outfit’s level elevate.

  1. Boots:

Boots are one of the strong style statement when it’s come to men’s footwear. We see a lot of guys wearing sneakers all the time. Sneakers are cool, everyone loves it but it’s the boots that you need to change up your footwear game and look different from the crowd.

Combat boots, Chelsea boots are the hottest trend and in fashion right now and there are many more different types that will make you look amazing. Besides standing out from other guys, Boots will also help you to appear a little longer in height. So short guys reading this should definitely give a shot at boots.

  1. Tailored Jeans:

We could have written jeans as our subheading but we tend to push for the word tailored because if your jeans are not tailored and don’t fit your right from the ankles then that Jeans is of no use and will never look good on you.

Tailored or altered jeans look much better than non-tailored or baggy jeans because it gives you the perfect look and perfect fit. It also helps you to show off your sneakers and a bit of your ankles. Some stores do the tailoring for free if you purchase the jeans from them.

  1. White Sneakers:

This point is for our sneaker-head readers, well boots may appear classy and can be good for a changeup, sneakers always rules the Men’s footwear closet. And white sneakers are often considered as star of the show when it comes to sneakers.

Winter, summers it doesn’t matter, white sneakers remain in fashion whole year round and you can pair it up with many outfits and look amazing. Wearing darker clothes and white sparkling sneakers gives a color contrast to the eyes which makes it look even more stylish.

  1. Perfect suit:

It’s classy, it’s elegant and we consider a 3-piece suit as the best outfit a man can ever wear. The key element of a perfect suit should be that it fits you perfectly and we recommend getting a suit stitched rather than wearing a readymade one.

Suits are versatile and can be switched up according to the occasion, you can wear at office board meetings and also at a cocktail party. Whenever in doubt to wear a fashionable formal piece then a Perfect fitting suit should be your go-to option.

  1. The sunglasses show:

Sunglasses are the summer essentials that every guy needs to carry in their backpack. But we know, these are crazy times when we all are stuck in the home and we can’t wear it that frequently but you need to have a good sunglasses pair in your closet.

Most of you all don’t know but wearing sunglasses makes your face more attractive because it makes your face look symmetrical in shape. And it of course protects your eyes from the harmful radiations of sunlight as well.

  1. Nice workout gear:

Research says that our desire counts only 40-50% to workout daily, the rest of the percentage matters on the additional factors like Gym’s vibe and our workout gear. Wearing baggy clothes or casual jeans and a t-shirt at the gym should not be your way.

You should always wear slick workout gear and it rapidly increases your confidence and motivation to work out and push yourself to do that one more set. Make sure you look good because you never know who you’re going to meet.

  1. Glasses:

We talked about sunglasses earlier in the article but glasses are what literally define sexiness and make you the attractive guy in the room. Glasses make you look smarter if you don’t even need them. It is a cool detail you can add to your outfit.

Glasses work the same thing as sunglasses do that is it makes your face look more symmetrical and sexy as well. Plus, you guys know that some girls usually fall for men who wear glasses as it adds that innocent factor into your look.

  1. Crisp White Tees:

White tees are by far the most versatile and stylish apparel you can wear in your closet. And we tend to stain our white tees a lot and it’s better to have almost 2-3 good white tees in your wardrobe. We recommend going for plain white tees without any graphics and logos.

White tees are very versatile like we can wear a white tee with normal jeans casually or throw a denim jacket over it and can complete the art of layering with a white tee. White is a very regular color and matches well with every outfit possible.

  1. Accessories:

Last but not the least, accessories are considered as icing on the cake for your outfit. You can wear any kind of accessories like watches, glasses or some bold and edgy accessories like Rings, Bracelets and necklaces. They all elevate the level of your outfit by 2 points.

It just spices up your outfit and instead of wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, throwing some accessories on a simple outfit can make that outfit more elegant and attractive. Accessories can also act as a conversation starter because people generally notice that tiny details in your outfit.

So these 10 stylish items on this list should pretty much elevate your style level and we highly recommend following at least 5-6 tips from the above list and you can see the change yourself quickly.

Wearing a casual and cool outfit is all when and good but if you try these 10 tips given by us then you’re bound to be stylish than before. People will notice that you’ve made efforts and they’ll think that, “Yes! This guy pays attention to the way he looks!!”

Photo by Mnz from Pexels

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