Fall 2020 color trends and how to wear them

Fall 2020 color trends and how to wear them

Although the summer temperatures might be still high and September is still considered as a summer month, the fall season is already on the corner and that means that the fall fashion trends are ready to take over. As a fashion season and historically looking, the fall has always delivered interesting trends and collections, that keep the summer vibe alive and positive, with the introduction of strong colors. However, there were seasons where everything was neutral and toned down, but there is a beauty in it too.

The entire 2020 year was overshadowed by the health issues and social distancing coming from the worldwide spread pandemic, and the fashion somehow went into a second plan. This fall, as the sun still shines strong and keeps the summer vibes high and positive, it is a great time to see what the color trends for 2020 are and make a plan for the fall season ahead.

This fall season, in terms of color trends, is a great mixture of colors and there will be anything for everyone. This mixture consists of the well-known and expected neutrals and some strong and bold shades that will make a huge dominance. This seasons’ color trends have been created by Pantone, as it is done year after year. The main parameter that made the distinction and the choice in which colors will be trendy is the fashion runways and the dominance of color on them. NY fashion runways were those that defined the new color trends, because of their well-known popularity, longevity, and priority over the other fashion runways.

Directly from the fashion runways to the shelves of the most popular retailers and eventually to your closet, here are the 7 top colors that will be trendy and dominant this fall season.


Magenta is a bright and strong color that is very warm and intense. Its popularity, as a color trend, emerged even before the hit of COVID-19, but this fall, it is expected to shine in its full light. As a shade, it holds the much-needed bright pop of color that everyone needs to make their fall wardrobe a bit more interesting and playful. Magenta purple is a color that styles and pairs well with other bright colors, but also with neutrals too. For those looking to leave a strong impression, wearing a jacket, coat, or heels in magenta is the choice to do, and for those looking for a more toned-down look, just some subtle piece in this color will do the work.

Bright orange

Bright orange is one of the unexpected but very intriguing colors that are expected to be seen all around the streets this fall. Subtle, but yet somehow eclectic, the bright orange is a happy and cheerful color that resembles the look of the falling sunsets on the beaches. No matter if you have enjoyed the beach these summer days or not, this is the shade that will go well with the skin tone and make the summer last longer. It is also a very elegant and strong color, that makes a great outfit as the color of some elegant dress, pantsuit, footwear, and even makeup.


Year after year, season after season, red does not go out of style. Strong, vibrant, deep, and independent, red is the color that screams femininity and sexiness. To follow the pattern of strong and vibrant colors, red is the shade that will also be very popular this fall season. From the red hues, the one that most stands out is the bright red, that falls somewhere close to the coral tones. This shade can also be worn in the monochromatic looks or just a little subtle detail. Accessories and footwear in this shade will make a great dominance.


Another unexpected color that falls in the fall colors trend palette is yellow. The following season, the soft butter yellow and the sorbet-like yellow-orange are the shades that will make a huge boom in the street style. Although many find the yellow not as the easiest color to wear, these shades are very interesting for styling for those who need some extraordinary pop of color. Whichever the shade, yellow is a cheerful and cool color, that has the opportunity to brighten the outfit.

Electric blue

 Electric blue, a similar shade to the royal blue, has been dominating the fashion trends season after season. It is considered as one of the easiest shades to pull off because it is very easy to style with other different colors. For example, it creates an extraordinary balance with the soft neutrals like pinks and beiges, but also adds the unexpected pop of color when in combination with a similar strong shade. For the best fall outfit, go with something unexpected like pairing it with magenta or yellow.

Classic black

Black is a color that never goes out of style. It is an all-time favorite, also considered as neutral, and a safe choice for many. It can be worn on almost all occasions and styles, and this fall, the black color trend suggests wearing head-to-toe black looks. The fabrics are most diverse, from soft silk and tulle to the heavier and warmer fabrics that create extraordinary coats. The power of black to shape the silhouette is well-known. The black fashion inspiration for this fall can fall on a nice black leather jacket, in combination with some velvet skirt od dress.


As of last on the color trends list, grey comes as an expected shade. It is usually associated with traditional and masculine tailoring, but this fall, grey takes a more feminine turn. The oversized grey blazers, capes, and tailored trousers are a safe and common choice, and the coats and trench coat in grey will instantly deliver and unpredicted chic and elegance. It pairs well with other grey shades, lighter and darker, and for the fashionistas, the addition of a shirt in electric blue or orange on a grey suit will result in an over-the-top look.

Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

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