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Face masks as a new fashion statement piece

by Savvy Turtle
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Face masks as a new fashion statement piece

Face masks as a new fashion statement piece:

What is good and sometimes encouraging about fashion is that it is adaptable. In terms of different world changes, associated with environmental, cultural, political and now health events, fashion is not constant. Always striving and looking one step further to provide the best for its consumers, the case is now the same too, with the health issue caused by the pandemic.

Although many of you might ask yourselves how this could be possible, just think about the one thing that today is a must, that you cannot leave your home without, or enter a store, public transportation, and even work. Something that was considered only as a medical piece, has now become a part of our everyday life functioning – the face mask.

When the first wave of this airborne virus struck the world, the demand for the masks was huge. Since the production could not quite catch up, many fashion designers stepped up to help and support the medical workers by sewing face masks right out from their homes. When the demand was met, the fashion industry saw that the face masks are here to stay and decided to bring some fun to the fashion lovers who were required to remain home and practice social distancing.

Colorful, full of different prints and patterns, the new fashionable face masks appeared with both their main purpose and displayed a fashionable side that no one thought could even come out from the unfortunate situation. The fashion brands and the luxury houses started designing masks with their brand’s logo on and incorporated them into their regular accessories line. The retailers added them as a counter piece that cannot be missed, and everything just turned towards having a fashionable face mask.

As the pandemic is still strong and active thorough the world, one thing is for sure – the face mask is here to stay. Making fashion out of them is now quite easy since they have become an inevitable part of life. DIY face masks are also quite popular since they allow the individual to express their creativity in drawing, adding embellishments, details, jewels, and other accessories that truly make the face mask a fashion statement piece.

Besides being a trend itself, although a weird one, the face mask is now present and comes as a part of many other fashion trends, both concerning men’s and women’s fashion.

Being healthy and safe can have a bit of silver lining in this entire situation and that surely comes from the variety of face masks – the new fashion statement that dominates all the fashion trends. So, for all those of you who want to make a fashion statement in your work and the social environment get yourself some cute and interesting face mask and make it fashion.

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