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Authorized Retailers

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Authorized Retailers

Below is our list of Savvy Turtle Authorized Retailers who are authorized to sell the Savvy Turtle Brand of products online and offline.

Amazon Inc via all Amazon Domain extensions Click Savvy Turtle on Amazon to be redirected to Savvy Turtle on Amazon Search page or visit Amazon and search for Savvy Turtle.,

RedBubble Inc. via Redbubble.com Click Savvy Turtle on Redbubble to be redirected to Savvy Turtle Profile page on RedBubble.

The above two companies are the only authorized partners of Savvy Turtle to market and sell any of Savvy Turtle Brand & Products., If you came to our page from being scammed by Savvy Turtle knock-off products please navigate to our Brand Protection page.

Savvy Turtle is working diligently to manufacture, distribute and sell our apparel products in-house While we are busy working towards bringing everything home we want to make sure that you have no problems finding our two Retail partners pages.

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