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Accessories every man needs in his closet!

by Savvy Turtle
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Accessories every man needs in his closet!

Accessories every man needs in his closet!

Accessories can be described as a secret-sauce to your outfits, which can totally elevate the look by putting in a minimalistic effort. Yes! Accessories work as a secret ingredient that can make your outfit go good to great. Yet, we see so many dudes, missing out on a great chance to rejuvenate outfit by not wearing accessories.

Okay! We get it, you are hesitant to wear an accessory thinking it might go OVER, but you’re completely wrong my man! Accessories work as the tiny details and more attractiveness to your rather basic outfit.

So assuming now, you’ve made up your mind to rock some accessories, here’s an amazing piece of article to help build your perfect look with help of some fashionable accessories that are currently in trend when it comes to men’s fashion.

Today. We put together 8 amazing must-have accessories for every guy, looking to make an impact. Join us in this accessories ride!

  1. Classy Watches:

This is it! No other accessory in the world could take up the place of a watch. This evergreen accessory is your basic fashion need if you’re really serious about notching up your fashion game. A watch can never be left out, no matter whatever kind of outfit you’re wearing.

Let us break it down for you, there are mostly 3 types of watches, one can have. An everyday watch in basic black or blue color should be your go-to option. The second-one be the classy silver-skull watches and last but not least, sports watches you want to have for a baseball game.

  1. The Man bag:

One of the trendiest accessories and essential accessories for a modern and stylish man. A man bag is a simple side-strap bag, that is not a sling and not a regular backpack. It somewhere in the middle, and is one of the famous bags among the teens right now.

The man bag is essential if you’re a travel geek and visit different places all the time. You can carry the man bag and keep essential documents like passports, credit cards, driving license, etc. If you don’t have enough pockets to carry your items, then a man bag is just what doctors ordered for you.

  1. Upgrade your wallet:

Now, if you don’t know, the wallet can also be used as a style statement and you can impress everyone around when taking it out to pay bills. A lot of guys think that they should carry a basic wallet to keep some cash and cards but that’s not the case anymore.

You don’t want to take out an old-crazy wallet when you’re on a date with a girl, instead, you should own one slim and a nice-looking wallet that can carry your all essentials and do not get bulky or visible from your jeans. Classy black, brown, or blue wallets should be your way to go.

  1. Hats and beanies:

Talking about headwear, hats, and beanies are one of the easiest and stylish accessories to pull off. Basic hats and beanies can help you to survive a bad hair day. When you didn’t have enough time to get your hair done, headwear is always an option to save up your day.

In our preference, graphic hats would look much more stylish than a plain one, as hats with cool designs and textures should be our recommended way to go. As for winters, beanies can be exceptional as they give you that edgy vibes in the fall season.

Stick to black and grey beanies and pull it off with a leather jacket or something.

  1. Sunshades or sunglasses:

Well, who doesn’t like to spend a sunny day on a beach and take a good sun-bath full of vitamin D. But an essential accessory, you might be missing, is a pair of goggles or sunglasses. Your holiday backpack cannot be completed without a pair of sunglasses and that too a spectacular one.

Sunglasses are expensive! So we recommend starting with a black or blue frame sunglasses that you can easily match up with outfits and also help soothe your eyes from the direct sunlight. Plus, it also hides the dark circles or any imperfection of your eyes, so it’s a win-win for you!

  1. Face masks:

Probably, the most used accessory in the entire 2020, face mask has become an outfit essential ever since we’re stuck with this novel coronavirus pandemic. We cannot move from our home without wearing a face mask, such as the essentiality of this accessory, so why not style it to your advantage.

We recommend to at least have a basic black and white color face masks, as these two colors can give you the advantage of matching it with almost any outfit. After these 2, you can go with different patterns but try to keep things basic and classic.

  1. Necklaces or pendants:

Necklaces can make you way more visible overall than any other accessory listed here. It can make you look edgy, badass, and at the same time instantly more attractive than any other guy in the room.

You can imagine it yourself, by adding a basic necklace in your boring t-shirt and jeans, you can easily add the life in your outfit. The necklace can have a metallic symbol which you like, but please don’t go over with long steel-chains like necklaces.

  1. Rings:

Let me clarify you guys, wearing rings is not at all FEMININE! I’ve seen a lot of guys, shying away from wearing rings, but rings truly have a great potential to rock your outfit if you pair it the right way.

The thing is, you need to wear rings, that fits your personality and sets up the vibe around you. If you’re edgier, go for some heavy metal or skull rings, you can also keep it simple by a black stone ring, there is something out there for everyone. Unlock your true potential by adding this tiny accessory as a part of your outfit.

So that’s it in the accessories account guys, don’t forget to try out these different accessories and then select what looks best on you. A bonus, tip we would like to give here is don’t try to pull off all accessories at the same time, that will be a huge style mistake.

You can pair 2-3 accessories together from the above-mentioned list, as wearing too many accessories can steal the spotlight from your apparels, remember, your accessories are meant to compliment your outfit. So keeping this in mind, unlock your true potential by accessorizing your outfit the right way!

Photo by nappy from Pexels

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