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7 healthy hacks every man needs to know!

by Savvy Turtle
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7 healthy hacks every man needs to know!

7 healthy hacks every man needs to know!

Health is the biggest wealth in the modern-day culture, and this COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat made every one of us, a bit health conscious. Everybody is talking about ways to build up their immune system, taking proper care of ourselves is a must-must in these challenging times. And, men have a natural tendency to neglect their health when compared to women.

And we get it, most of our hustling dudes out there don’t have much time to pay attention to their health and body. Some guys even justify that taking care of health and following healthy or lifestyle tips are too feminine for them. But poor health and related diseases don’t differentiate between genders, and not all of us have an Iron man-like body.

Men need to pay more attention to their health and lifestyle, so today we’ll cover over 7 amazing and incredible health hacks, which you should start following and get your health in check:

  1. Sufficient sleep:

If you are a teenager or in the early 20s then this is the point you should focus on. When you’re younger you don’t value your sleep, you prefer scrolling your Instagram feed rather than taking a peaceful sleep which is very essential for your overall health.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so you should get an outer idea that how important sleep is. When you’re at rest, your muscles, your tissues get repaired while sleeping. Sleep works as charging for our machine-like body. You should get a minimum of 7-8 hours of daily sleep at every stage of your life.

  1. Working out or staying active:

Stop making excuses and make working out a part of your daily routine. Seriously, if you’ll not be serious then something or someone is going to pop up and not let you work out. Those voices of not working out today will echo up in your head.

Instead, you should get up and hit the gym at a set time every day, because it improves the discipline which is a key to success. Getting up from your cozy bed and working out hard in the gym is a battle won between you and your laziness.

  1. Try to stay productive:

Now being free and lazy may have its own benefits, but if you want to enjoy living the life you want to, try to stay productive and get things done without delaying it. From cleaning your dishes to working on your upcoming business projects, your mind should be occupied by your work.

Staying productive means, you have something going on in your life and this habit will obviously bring you the bucks to achieve everything in life. Make productivity and hustling your religion and you’ll see changes in your life. The process I adopt is writing my to-do list on a pen and paper and then perform the tasks in a day to complete that list.

  1. Regular-body check-up:

Now that we have this virus looming as a serious threat to our health, getting a regular full body-check-up is a hack, you should always bank on. We may not even know, from which disease we are going through and why to delay it till the eleventh hours when it’s too late.

Regularly have a full body check-up or pay a visit to your doctor every 1 or 2 months. A regular check-up won’t hurt and will help you to detect any disease or health problem. And special care in this COVID-19 pandemic is to get yourself tested for the COVID-19 virus. Even if you have little symptoms, get yourself tested to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

  1. Drink lots of water:

Hydration is key guys, so many people forget about drinking water during the day, so we got a basic hack for you guys, to keep your body hydration in complete check. Just fill up a water bottle and set a time to finish the water, so you would know that this much water is already consumed by you.

Go 4-5 bottles of water per day and your minimum water requirement for the day should be fulfilled. If you work out intensely, then one bottle should be kept for your workout sessions. Drinking water rejuvenates your skin, build and repair muscles, and is important for the overall smooth functioning of your body.

  1. Balanced diet:

Working out regularly won’t be enough to build a muscular body, you should strictly monitor what you eat throughout the day. The quality of food you’ll intake will develop the quality of your health rapidly. You should take a healthy 3-meals a day and make sure to include all of the proteins, carbs, fats, and vitamins in it to ensure the maximum benefits your body gets.

You don’t need to count macronutrients or strictly follow the same diet schedule. You can change up a little bit until and unless it is healthy. Also, compliment yourself with some cheat meals so you don’t go way too harsh on yourself. If you follow a 6-day strict diet then you can reward yourself with a chocolate dessert or a pan pizza!

  1. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs:

Avoid these big 3 at all costs. Sounds simple and easy for the people who don’t consume it, but it may be a harsh habit to adopt for people who are addicted. I know guys, who drink beer almost every other day and have put a lot of weight up. Doing these 3 might sound you or make you look cool, but in reality, you are degrading your health yourself.

And look, once in a while is no harm, when you’re in a business conference and take a drink or two while socializing with people, it’s absolutely fine. But making these 3 habits will be a serious problem for you in the future. We’ll still not recommend you to do drugs and smoking anyway.

There are countless benefits of staying healthy that we can make a separate blog on that topic, but being healthy instantly makes you attractive and gives everyone the impression of how serious you take your health and lifestyle.

These 7 tips are bound to make changes in your health and lifestyle and by following these tips, you can start seeing the changes by yourself. Also, there are a lot more tips we could not cover here but there’s more in store for you guys. Make your health a priority guys!

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