7 grooming habits for young guys

7 grooming habits for young guys

“The sooner you start, the better your chances are in the game of grooming. You start taking care of your good grooming and your skin and your looks will thank you in years to come.” After all, who wants to wake up one day, look in the mirror and realize it’s too late.

Well, most of the time, everyone here on the internet and social media is talking about fashion outfits, High-quality luxurious brands, and hyper-beast clothes but less importance is given to personal grooming and taking care habits. So if you’re a young guy in your teens or no matter what age, wants to start taking care of your grooming today, you’re at the right place.

Starting off our Men’s Grooming section with 7 grooming habits for younger men, to start the process of achieving that perfect look:

  1. Taking awesome care of your skin:

You probably saw this coming and it will be one of the most essential grooming tips on this list. If you know that skincare is so important why have you not started implementing it? After all, it is the most visible part of your body.

People notice your skin and your face first when they look at you. And, what sets you truly apart from other guys in the future is how well you age. How well you deal with wrinkles, acne or other skin problems will define the perfect skincare for you.

  1. Clipping your nails:

You talk to someone, and there’s a great vibe going around and suddenly you look at their nails and they are all dirty, long, and gross and that is a big turnoff. Especially, in the case with girls as they take good care of their nails and expect the same from us guys.

Make sure to get into the habit of clipping your nails at least once a week with a nail cutter and not your mouth. Biting your nails is certainly not a good habit either. A bonus tip is to clean your toenails as well in case you’re wearing a pair of slippers of flip-flops.

  1. Maintain a fresh haircut:

We don’t mean that you should be visiting your barber every single week. What do we mean is that you should learn how to extend the life of every haircut. Just basic grooming hacks like shaving the back of your neck.

Another hack is to trim the hairline which joins your beard and haircut. Make sure it’s clean and tidy and not going here and there. A good trimmer, a shaving tool, and a hand mirror would be enough for you to maintain a nice, clean look every time.

  1. Trim your beard:

While we talked a bit about beard in the last point, let’s dive deeper into the beard game. The secret to having a cool beard is to style it and make it look like you didn’t style it all. Your beard should be a full-grown out like a man living in caves and neither a patchy baby face beard.

You should always look for a middlemost option like keeping a subtle beard look and for that make sure you trim your beard regularly. Just stand in front of the mirror and shave your cheek’s hairline and keep your beard neat and tidy.

  1. Eliminate the body odor:

Probably, the biggest confidence killer of them all is none other than, Body Odor. Guys in their teens sweat more than the average guy and if they do not take care of that, it can lead to pretty embarrassing moments.

It’s a perfect time to find your perfect scent. A scent that not only eliminates your body odor but at the same time gives you a long-lasting manly fragrance that girls crave for. There’s no secret that girls have more powerful smelling senses than us and it’s good to create a strong impression with your smell.

  1. Wear Sunscreen:

Make sure to apply sunscreen, if you’re a guy who spends most of your day out in broad sunlight. Those harmful UV rays are not going to spare your skin and make sure you’re ready to take it on by wearing protection like sunscreen.

Harmful sun rays can cause you various problems like sunburns and also skin cancer in the worst-case scenario, so it’s better to wear sunscreen to protect yourself and your skin will look much better in the coming years.

  1. Good Oral Care:

This one is absolutely no brainer. Every guy out there should take care of their oral hygiene one step above than the average guy. And, having good oral hygiene is not any sort of a challenging task after all.

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, using a good mouthwash, and carrying gums and mints are very basic routine habits to follow in our day to day life. Bad oral care can cause problems like, yellow teeth, bad breath, etc. and now you’ve read this tip we hope that it won’t happen with you.

So that’s how we summed up very basic 7 grooming habits guys need to follow in their teens or at a younger age as possible. You can have the best designer outfit at a party but if your grooming isn’t on the point you’ll certainly be not attractive anymore.

Imagine the scenario:

  1. A guy with a three-piece suit and having a bad body odor with food stuck in his teeth.
  2. A guy with casual jeans and a t-shirt, who smells awesome and rock a wonderful smile.

You already know that the second guy will be more attractive when comparing and such is the importance of good grooming in Men’s life.

Photo by Nick Demou from Pexels

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